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Gary's personal approach to training is exactly what you would expect from a trainer. He takes his job very seriously and takes extra special care of all of his clients. Highly recommended!!
A Higgins

“Gary Shelly is truly a gifted personal trainer. While passionate about health and fitness he motivates without nagging. Since signing on with Gary there has been a noticeable improvement in my strength, balance and stability, even my posture has improved. Along with strength training, core work and cardio, Gary is very encouraging about following a well-balanced, calorie controlled diet.” (As a former chef he has lots of helpful suggestions).

B. Crane

01 May 2010

“About a year ago, my husband suggested that I try working out with Gary Shelly, a personal trainer at our tennis club. My first thought was that I did not need a personal trainer because I already knew how to exercise and could do it on my own. Then I took a hard look at myself. I was weak, out of shape, depressed, and completely frustrated with my quickly aging body. 

I always wanted to be one of those people who aged gracefully. I certainly was not doing that. 

Perhaps some help was in order. After my first session with Gary, I was a convert. He has shown me that working out can be challenging, creative, and fun. He always motivates me to push past my perceived limits to meet my goals. 

Gary is passionate about fitness and he shows it through his energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge, which he brings to every workout session.

In the time that I have worked with him, I have experienced an increase in energy, strength, balance, and mental well-being. I also no longer suffer from troublesome neck and back problems, that occurred on a regular basis. 

Gary is a great role model and always embodies the wise path to progress. He has helped me develop healthy exercise habits and lifestyle changes that I am able to maintain. 

Many thanks to Gary.” 

J Fisher

“The very first session my wife and I knew we made the right choice in Gary. He listened to our goals and developed a plan that was challenging and realistic. We lost over 50 lbs together and learned a lot about the lifestyle changes we needed to make to stay in shape.
Look, there are days when working out is the last thing you want to do. You're tired, feeling down, or simply unmotivated. But we knew if we dragged our butts to the gym that Gary's positive attitude would rub off on us and make us glad we came. By the end of each workout we felt like we accomplished something real and left feeling great.”
“Can your personal trainer do that?”

T Coller

My father’s stroke in November of 2016 (40 years after his mother suffered one) was a real wakeup call for me.  Soon thereafter, my physician laid out the cold hard facts: my family history of cardiovascular disease, my high cholesterol, combined with steady weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle were all leading me down the same path. And one more thing, I’m a cancer survivor.


At that first meeting, Gary and I discussed all this and more and that’s when I knew I had found my fitness coach. As he explained, personal fitness training was his full-time career and his life’s passion and he would be there to help me succeed. 


Three months and 36 workout sessions later, I feel great. I’m as committed to my fitness as I was on December 16thand I credit Gary for that. His professionalism and commitment to supporting my fitness goals are outstanding. He has worked with my schedule and is consistently there for me and always on time. He maintains the equipment and makes the workout sessions both enjoyable and challenging.  He understands the physical and the psychological aspects of fitness and how to tap into inner strengths and personal drive. Because of him, my husband and I have also made significant changes in our nutritional habits without feeling that we have to go cold turkey on food and drink we love. 


In short, Gary has been instrumental in helping me improve my health holistically. He has guided me through the process, encouraging me to own my personal fitness. He has helped me realize that achieving better health and improved fitness is not a sprint, but a marathon.  

D Pringle

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