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My Experience

  • Science of Stretching - Certified Coach - 2024

  • Egoscue University - 2017. Certificate as a Postural Alignment Specialist.

  • Graduate of Professional Fitness Trainer Academy - 2008

  • NASM - 2008. CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) CES Corrective Exercise Specialist - 2019

  • Degree in Culinary Arts from Scottsdale Culinary Institute - 1992


  • Kids / Teens - Sometimes kids / teens need to prepare for a sport. Sometimes parents want them to learn how to start a healthy life. Sometimes they just need a confidence booster! Either way finding and correcting muscular imbalances at an early age is very important.

  • Seniors- This population needs special attention. They deserve every opportunity to be healthy and functional. As we age we lose strength, flexibility and can gain it back!!

  • Women- Postural therapy can be a very stress relieving activity. Many of the exercises are derived from Yoga and Pilates. Take advantage of your “ME TIME” and don’t wait until it's too late!

  • Men- Weekend warriors, ex athletes, non-athletes, chair sitters? Doesn’t matter! Time and past activities has a way of putting our bodies in positions that are not optimal. 

  • Athletes- Todays athletes need special attention. Why? Each sport has special demands that are placed on the body. I study movement patterns of popular sports. I design programs that help the player adjust and handle those demands. Most athletes are playing on dysfunctional bodies...and they don't know it!​

    ​Teams and clubs I have worked with:


  •  AESA High Performance Tennis Team     

  •  Roddick / Doyle Tennis Academy

  •  Dripping Springs Volleyball Club

  •  Dripping Springs Baseball Club

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