Egoscue University® Approved Providers have met or exceeded the required standards of the Egoscue University. They are certified either as an Egoscue® Posture Alignment Specialist (PAS) or Egoscue Advanced Exercise Therapist (AET). Egoscue University recommends these Approved Providers because they also utilize the ePete software, which is the standard of therapy for posture alignment therapy and used in all Egoscue Franchise clinics world-wide.


My Experience

  • Egoscue University - 2017. Certificate as a Postural Alignment Specialist.

  • Graduate of Professional Fitness Trainer Academy - 2008

  • NASM - 2008. CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)

  • Degree in Culinary Arts from Scottsdale Culinary Institute - 1992


  • Children - Sometimes children need to prepare for a sport. Sometimes parents want them to learn how to start a healthy life. Sometimes they just need a confidence booster! Either way finding and correcting muscular imbalances at an early age is very important.

  • Seniors- This population needs special attention. They deserve every opportunity to be healthy and functional. As we age we lose strength, flexibility and balance....you can gain it back!!

  • Women- Postural therapy can be a very stress relieving activity. Many of the exercises are derived from Yoga and Pilates. Take advantage of your “ME TIME” and don’t wait until it's too late!

  • Men- Weekend warriors, ex athletes, non-athletes, chair sitters? Doesn’t matter! Time and past activities has a way of putting our bodies in positions that are not optimal. 

  • Athletes- Todays athletes need special attention. Why? Each sport has special demands that are placed on the body. I study movement patterns of popular sports. I design programs that help the player adjust and handle those demands. Most athletes are playing on dysfunctional bodies...and they don't know it!​

    ​Teams and clubs I have worked with:

  •  AESA High Performance Tennis Team     

  •  Roddick / Doyle Tennis Academy

  •  Dripping Springs Volleyball Club

  •  Dripping Springs Baseball Club